What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?
Vocational Education and Training pathways enable students to gain school graduation at the completion of year 12. All students have a greater choice of courses available as all VET students will be required to select 5 courses in year 11 and year 12.

Students also have the opportunity of completing and achieving one or more national qualifications at a minimum of a Certificate II level while at school. This enables students to be more competitive for TAFE enrolments, apprenticeships, traineeships and full time employment.

In Year 12 we encourage students to complete a Certificate III or higher and we support students financially to complete these studies at various RTO’s. Previously we have had students complete Certificate IV in Nursing Preparation and Certificate IV in Accounting, along with a multitude of Certificate III achievements. These include Certificate III in Business, Certificate III in Community Services and many more.

Who is training for?
For students who know they do not wish to attend University at the end of year 12 this enables them to undertake a career pathway while attending school and complete the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) at the end of year 12.

For students who do wish to attend University, some Certificate courses allow alternative entry to certain University courses (as opposed to ATAR entrance).

Why do a Vocational Education Training Program?
Advantages for students
• Nationally recognised units of competence.
• A purpose to Senior Secondary Study.
• TAFE Entry points greatly improved if a Certificate is completed in Year 11 /12.
• Undertake Workplace Learning

What is Workplace Learning (WPL)?
• Work experience
• School Curriculum Standard Authority (SCSA) endorsed course that counts towards school WACE achievement.
• Students learn relevant assessable employability skills while on the Job.
• There skills are directly related to the units of competence student are studying.
• Extra points for TAFE

School Based Traineeships

A School Based Trainee is considered a full-time student as well as a part-time employee with the same employment and training privileges and responsibilites as other trainees. At Harvey SHS, many students are being awarded a School Based Traineeship or School Based Apprenticeships where they get paid and receive training for a qualification in a specialised industry while they are still enrolled in school. It is an excellent way to help students build a positive future in many areas of employment.

School Based Traineeships provide students with qualifications or skills that are recognised Australia-wide, counts towards their WACE achievement and provide paid hands-on experience in a workplace.

Please discuss student’s individual needs with the VET Coordinator at the Harvey Senior High to find the appropriate pathway for your child’s future.

Past VET Students – Corey Bavin

Corey attended Harvey Senior High School, graduated in 2013 and was a recipient of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Dux.  During his time at Harvey Senior High School, he undertook both ATAR studies and VET studies.  He completed the following certificates;

  • Certificate II in Business, Certificate III in Applied Language (Japanese)
  • Certificate of Excellence- West Scheme Vocational Education and Training
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (Dux recipient)
  • Certificate II in Community Activities (Dux recipient)
  • ATAR studies: English, Maths, AIT & Japanese

Corey was and still is a very passionate tennis player and competed nationally on numerous WA state tennis team events around the country.  After graduating from Harvey SHS, he was accepted into Curtin University and completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Business Information Systems.  Whilst at University he received the following achievements and graduated ‘with distinction’;

  • Awarded the Harry Perkins Memorial Scholarship – Regional student relocating to Perth to undertake tertiary studies
  • Awarded the FC Swaine Memorial Scholarship – All round academic and sporting excellence
  • Announced on the Vice Chancellors list in 2015 which recognises the top 1% of students
  • A member of the Wesfarmers Society which is the top 1% of Commerce students

Corey is currently working in the Self-Managed Superannuation division at Byfields Business Advisers which is the largest WA based CPA Accounting firm.