Lower School Engagement Program

The Harvey Senior High School provides a Lower School Engagement Program that consists of students with a diverse range of needs and is intended to cater to the students at their point of need.

The purpose of this program is to re-engage students in their learning. Several factors are considered when students are selected to take part in the program, such as academic progress, attendance, peer relationships and focus in class.

One focus of the program is to strengthen relationships between students and staff so that together they can work as a cohesive unit to best achieve their goals. Students are supported in their learning by specialist Math and Literacy teachers attending classes.




Senior School Engagement Program

The Senior School Engagement Program provides an alternative learning environment for senior School students with the focus on employability skills, self-development and life skills.

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This flexible approach enables students to learn strategies to assist them in all aspects of their lives, encouraging self-confidence, exposure to various work places and volunteering in the community.


Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Workplace Learning (WPL)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Workplace Learning (WPL) has been very successful at the Harvey Senior High School with our students gaining great experience in the work force and for some securing fulltime work.  We have had many trainees complete Certificates at various work places throughout the community.

We have also had Year 12 students undertake Certificate IV’s (for example – Certificate in Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies and Certificate IV in Accounting).  The majority of our Year 11 students have achieved Certificates in either Retail, Retail Cosmetics, Engineering, Business Cert II & III, Accounting, Community Services, General Education for Adults, Wider Opportunities for Work and CALM.  Most of these courses were achieved attending either South Regional TAFE in Harvey or Bunbury.