School Strategies to Prevent and Manage Bullying

Harvey SHS has a three tiered approach to preventing and managing incidents of bullying, which include:

  • Whole-School Prevention Strategies
  • Specific Cohort Programs
  • Support for Individual Students

Whole-School Prevention Strategies:

  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Behaviour Management AD Policy
  • Student Services Team
  • Week 1 Induction Program
  • Staff training in Co-LATE Model
  • Provision of “safe” highly supervised areas during breaks
  • Tracking of incidents on School Database System

Specific Cohort Strategies:

  • Year 6 Transition Program
  • Inclusion of social skill development and preventing bullying programs within curriculum
  • Parent Workshops

Support for Individual Students and Parents

  • Monitoring Cards
  • Buddy Program
  • Case Management
  • Restorative Meetings held by Year Managers
  • Access to specialist Student Services Support Staff

Positive Behaviour Support

Harvey Senior High School is dedicated to helping students demonstrate positive behaviours. We have four behaviour expectations:

Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Learning, Respect the Environment.

Students who demonstrate positive behaviour in and out of class will receive a Respectable which they can submit in form for weekly form prizes, end of term prizes (for whole form), and the Major prize give away of $50 vouchers at the end of semester.

Acknowledgement System

When students demonstrate appropriate behaviour during school hours they are rewarded with Respectables. Throughout the year there are several other awards allocated:

  • Bronze Certificates (25 respectables)
  • Silver Certificates (50 respectables)
  • Gold Certificates (100 respectables)
  • End of term: the highest Form – sausage sizzle/fun event
  • End of semester: Individual draw – 2x JBHiFi vouchers ($50)
  • End of year: Top 30 students prize (bowling, movies etc)