School Based Traineeships

Posted on 20.08.07

 Students completing their School Based Traineeship (SBT)  

Timothy Hooper commenced a Certificate III in Retail as a school based trainee in 2019 with Home Hardware, now trading as Mitre 10 Harvey. Mick and Michelle Trickett employed Tim for 2 days per week for the duration of his training. Tim has recently submitted his final units to complete the 18 month traineeship. A SBT is a fantastic way for students to complete a qualification while gaining hands-on experience. While Tim was working and studying he was also earning a wage. A SBT can be done in most areas of employment as long as there’s a certificate course that complies with the type of vocation that has been chosen. If a student is able to engage an employer to give them the opportunity to do a traineeship whilst still at school this is a great combination. The ideal time to commence a School Based Traineeship is at the commencement of Year 11, it can be done in  Year 12 but extra commitment is requirement from the student to complete it within 10 months.

Tim completed a Certificate II in Engineering at SR TAFE last year and then started his traineeship after that. Mick and Michelle have been extremely supportive to Tim and have given him extra work on weekends when required. It has been a huge achievement for Tim and our school is very grateful to Mick and Michelle and employers like them.

This year we have trainees at the Wokalup Tavern for a Certificate III in Hospitality and two at the Harvey Shire doing a Certificate II in Business. Jorja Alexander is near completion also and has also worked hard this year to get this result. Thank you to the staff at the Shire who have been wonderful in supporting our students and our school over the years.

Karlique for Hair also employed Justhyne Padua in 2019 for a SBT and Justhyne completed this last term. Justhyne did extremely well with her practical tasks and written tasks as well as her ability to work in the salon with the team at Karlique. Thank you very much to Ester Italiano and her staff they were very supportive during the whole traineeship. Justhyne did her traineeship as a Certificate II in Salon Assistant for one day per week.

Our school community is very lucky to have such supportive employers undertaking programs like School Based Traineeships or Workplace Learning.