Lower School Engagement Program (LSEP)

Posted on 19.10.21

A healthy body image is when we feel happy and satisfied with our bodies. With so much pressure to conform, developing a healthy positive body image is critical for teenagers. When we feel good about our bodies, we are more likely to have good self-esteem and mental health as well as a balanced attitude to eating and physical activity.

We have been working on developing healthy body images in the LSEP with students undertaking various fitness challenges (including using Fitbits to calculate our walking distance around Australia); mental health fitness challenges using Biteback and creating our own personal mental health care plans; and also learning more about healthy eating habits. Friday afternoons during our life skills, we have been creating a range of healthy salads and wraps to eat as better fuel for our bodies.

Working on our fitness challenges is also a great for teambuilding as we need to encourage each other to reach personal goals and milestones.