Happy When Fit Healthy Schools and Communities Program

Posted on 19.10.21

HappyWhenFit Healthy Schools and Communities Program
HSHS students in years 8 & 10 participated in this program offered to schools in the South West over the course of the year. The partnership between HappyWhenFit and the Bunbury Farmers Market organically developed through shared values and vision around community and youth health. Danae Cornford, founder & presenter of the program, presented 3 sessions during the students Health lessons. They learn the value of a balanced diet & then enjoy eating their nutritious food creations.

What is the HappyWhenFit schools program about?
The purpose of the healthy schools program is to educate, inspire and empower students, teachers, parents and the wider community with the tools to make healthy choices. We want to connect school, home and community environments for the best possible integrated approach to health and wellbeing. The program involves hands on, practical demonstrations and food preparation to show our young people how they can practice and apply healthy food choices into their everyday lives. It is further reinforced with the parent/teacher session, so that everything the students are learning can be reinforced and practiced in school and home environments. The program is an opportunity for the Bunbury Farmers Market to give back to its community and positively influence its local people not only through the fresh food that they provide, but also through the education around how to use those foods to create quality nutrition, variety, and taste.