The Hype Program at Harvey Senior High School is a prestigious and exclusive program aimed at extending the school’s talented Physical Education students. It is a program that is largely focused on developing leadership skills and knowledge within various sporting contexts that will extend into Senior School as well as the students’ local community. The program has been developed to help maximise the potential of talented students in the areas of sport and sport science.

Entry Criteria

Students are able to nominate for the course in Year 9 or 10.  However it is recommended that those students who select the course in Year 9 continue into Year 10.

  • The pre requisite for entry into the HYPE program is a minimum of an A or B grade in Physical Education.
  • Consideration will be given to each students history of sports achievement, perceived athletic ability, focus on learning and potential for positive role-modelling.
  • Students are expected to be available for school sporting commitments (Swimming, Athletics, Interschool Carnivals and Country Week).
  • Willingness to promote and represent both their sport and the school in all areas.
  • Regular attendance—Greater than 85%


The following expectations apply to every session of the Hype Program and when students are representing the school:

  • To participate with spirit and sportsmanship (Respect for Self and Others)
  • To work cooperatively with teammates, teachers, coaches and opponents with respect at all times (Respect for Others)
  • To respect all facilities and equipment used within the program. Deliberate or negligent damage will be seen as an act of vandalism (Respect for Environment)
  • Students are not to use intimidating behaviour , swear, or put others down (Respect for Self and Others)
  • To attend every class prepared with appropriate clothing and equipment (Respect for Self and Learning)
  • Maintain a C grade average and attendance above 85%

Program Outcomes

  • Develop and foster leadership skills amongst a high performing group of students
  • Extend students physically and academically in preparation for Senior School courses (PE Studies and Outdoor Recreation).
  • The establishment of a core of high level athletes to train and represent the school positively at inter school sporting carnivals.
  • Provide students with life-long health and fitness knowledge and skills.
  • Encourage students to become proactive members of their local sporting community.
  • Provide a variety of experiences towards personal growth, and responsible adult behavior.
  • Students will develop their understanding of recovery procedures, nutrition planning, specific injury management, generic tactics and strategies, coaching and officiating
  • Bronze Medallion qualification (Year 10).