• Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, and other devices that have the capacity to interact digitally to transfer data, images and sound are an integral part of modern society. However, they can be; improperly used, lost, stolen or damaged and must therefore be effectively managed.
  • In this policy a classroom is defined as ‘any place where directed learning or educational activity is occurring’. This includes general classrooms, specialist classrooms, the school library, sport and PE classes, sporting venues away from school, industry visits, swimming/sports carnivals, camp activities and excursions.


  • To utilise the benefits of the technology.
  • To ensure responsible use of the technology.
  • To protect staff and students privacy and confidentiality.
  • To protect the image of the school.


  • The procedures in this policy applying to the use of mobile phones apply equally to the use of tablets, laptops, portable computer games, iPods and similar devices.
  • All students bringing a phone to school have a responsibility to follow this policy. All staff have a responsibility to follow this policy consistently in all areas.
  • Students and parents should be aware that mobile phones/devices are brought to school at their own risk. The owner of the phone/device has full responsibility for the safety and security of their personal possessions while on school premises, at school related events, or travelling to or from school. The school will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to a student phone.
  • The owner of the phone/device is responsible if someone accesses the content in their phone without permission.