The Harvey Senior High School was originally called The Harvey Agricultural High School and was established in 1962.

It was the 39th High School in the State which showed the progress that had been made in Harvey by that time.  Director General of Education Dr T.L. Robertson said Harvey had to find 250 students before the district would get a High School and this was attained in 1962.  The School was originally based at the current Harvey Primary School site as a District High School in the early 1950s.

As numbers increased and the agricultural wing was added to the District High School, it was decided to relocate to the current site on South Western Highway.  Students first attended classes in Term 3 in 1962 at the new Harvey Agricultural High School after a ceremonial march through the town from the old site to the new.  However, the official opening by then Education Minister E.H.M. Lewis was not until May 7, 1964.

In 1998, the Harvey Agricultural College came into existence splitting from the Harvey Senior High School.